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Welcome to Archway

Thank you for walking through the Archway.

This is the start of your journey with us as a Friend (someone who uses our services), Volunteer, Professional referrer or a Supporter.

We are a registered charity providing a pathway of support to alleviate the hurt and distress, and the impact on mental and physical health, caused by loneliness and social isolation.

Anyone over the age of 18* in Oxford, Abingdon and the surrounding areas who identifies as lonely and/or isolated may be eligible for our services. (*For those under 18, see Useful Links here)

We make your journey easier by walking alongside you and supporting you in the direction you want to go.

We are currently recruiting Volunteers - see Volunteering for information and application details.

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This short film (13 mins) made by Archway Friends, Volunteers, Staff & Supporters, 

gives an insight into the work we do to tackle loneliness - one conversation at a time.

(Click on the bottom right for sound)

Tackling Loneliness - A Short Film by The Archway Foundation

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When you need more

than just a chat ...

Loneliness affects millions of people across the UK.


  • The effects of prolonged lack of social contact can make it harder to meet people and socialise

  • Loneliness and isolation can have devastating effects on a person’s mental and physical health.

  • We exist to provide meaningful social contact for people who feel the hurt of loneliness and isolation.

  • Everyone we serve is actively listened to and treated with dignity, and non-judgemental acceptance.



Tackling loneliness one conversation at a time.

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